NextLevelBanana: Live!

About These Games

Embodied games are special: they happen at a certain place, with a certain group of people.

No two playthroughs are ever the same -

They, like all good things, are shaped by their terroir.

Even if this sounds super pretentious,

Really, it's not. I mean sure, it easily

Could be, but I like to keep things light. Funny, even when its underlying message is

Heavy. Of course, this is all still very

Experimental - I'm still finding my voice, figuring out what's fun and sustainable.

All I know so far is that I love making live games, and

That I want to run them more often! ... and that it's way more

Complicated than making video games (which,

Of course, I also do, and you can find at I hope, one

Day, to have a big enough catalog of games and players to run

Events regularly. So I'm glad you're here! It's gonna be a wild ride.

Ok ok, but really. I'm a game-maker in Portland, Oregon. This website is the home for all my non-video games: board games, tabletop rpgs, physical puzzley things, and other game-adjacent experiences. It's also where I blog. And it's also where I put links to physical items you can buy (see "zines" and "stickers").

If you want to get in touch, you can message me at many of the places in the footer, or you can email me at