For the 2023 PIGSquad tabletop jam, I didn't have a lot of time, so I decided to try making a game using just a standard deck of playing cards. The end result: Go Fish 2: Fish if True.

The key difference is that instead of asking, "Do you have any 4s?" You have to ask for 2 cards, using a Boolean expression. So you can say "Do you have 3s or 4s?" Or you might say, "Do you have 3s and 4s?"

It gets worse! You can also ask "Do you have 3s xor 4s?" or even "Do you have 3s nand 4s?"

If the expression evaluates to true for the askee's hand, the askee has to give you a card that is true for the expression. (For NAND, you just hand over any card they didn't ask for. This might be my favorite rule.)

That's the gist, but you can see the complete rules on itch.io. (You can also see my MS Paint logic gate fish, which I personally think are very cute.)