With this one, I wanted to design a "mini-escape room" that could be run at an event's exhibitor tables.

The premise is this: it is the near future and Phorma Ventures is the tech company to watch; their stated goal is terraforming the solar system. They're currently recruiting like crazy, so they've come to this event to set up a recruitment booth. Of course, they're only interested in the best and brightest, so you have to prove yourself worthy by solving puzzles in order to get their contact information.

The setup comprises a black tablecloth with silver planetary/alchemy symbols adorning the edge; a poster explaining who Phorma is and what they're doing (also that this is a game, not an actual recruitment effort); a little model of the solar system covered in weird squiggles; some recruiting literature; some festive red balloons; a lockbox containing the secret contact information.

I run this one periodically, whenever there's a suitable event with a free table. If you see it around, come play!