Oscacomp's Item Shop

a party game for grammar goblins

You're associate salesgnomes at Lord Oscacomp's Adventuring Outfitters and Item Emporium (or, as it's more commonly known, Oscacomp's Item Shop). Your job is to sell, sell, sell!

Play adjectives in grammatical order to talk up the item for sale until you literally can't talk it up anymore, and the last gnome to speak gets the commission.

Your boss, Lord Oscacomp

Grammatical order? Yes indeed! Lord Oscacomp holds his employees to high standards. This is a classy establishment, he likes to say. Don't worry, your employee handbook has sorted all approved adjectives into eight ranks. All you have to do is use an adjective of a higher rank than the last one, and you're safe.

Your boss, Lord Oscacomp
2+ Players
30-60 Minutes
Ages 13+

Employee Training How to Play

animation of one round of play

Start by dealing out 5 adjectives and 3 special cards to each player. Then flip over an item card to start the round.

On your turn, you play an adjective from your hand to the left of the other cards in play. It has to be a higher rank than the leftmost card.

Read aloud the entire item description. This is very important.

If you don't have a card of higher rank, you might be able to play a special card instead. There are a bunch of different types of specials, but as an example, the AND card lets you play a second adjective of the same rank as one already on the board.

If you can't play at all, the round is over. The last person who played a card wins the round and gets 1 Osca-buck* per adjective.

First person to 20 Osca-bucks wins.

(There's a few more rules, like Taking Inventory and the Nonsense Challenge, but this is almost all the employee training you need.)

Your boss, Lord Oscacomp

* Osca-bucks have no cash value. They are redeemable for gold at the end of your shift, but of course the threshhold for payouts is 20 Osca-bucks.

Your boss, Lord Oscacomp

PIGSquad: One round playthrough

Get the print and play version on itch.io.

Pay what you want - including nothing!

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Featuring art by Shane Hosea

The Oscacomp's Item Shop store logo
The Oscacomp's Item Shop store logo

This game started as an entry in an Eggplant Show gamejam. Thanks for the inspiration, feedback, and encouragament!

The Oscacomp's Item Shop store logo

Thanks to all the playtesters: Andy, Brad, Bridger, Dad, Deb, Evan, Jonah, Kevin, Kyle, Maddie, Michael, Mom, Nessa, Nessa's gaming group, Ryan, Tiffany, Sarah, Tim, and all the folks at PIGSquad events whose names I didn't catch.